A New Way to Define Wayfinding

Wayfinding is more than directions. It is always knowing where and turning that into valuable actions or decisions. This can be turn by turn directions for a forklift in a warehouse or guiding a building or campus visitor to their destination. Digital wayfinding systems and software embrace mobility, signage display, AR/VR, and desktop. Today’s wayfinding can be high tech or low tech. Concept3D provides the tools and services you need to develop 3D navigation, support digital signage, display touch screen on-site direction kiosks, create custom-oriented printed maps and the communicate the best possible on-site mobile directions.

History of Wayfinding 

Hospital wayfinding

Wayfinding as Part of Visitor Experience

Large facilities like hospitals, convention centers, retirement communities, shopping malls, theme parks, and other large buildings or campuses know all too well the confusion and frustration their many visitors experience. Seamlessly integrating outdoor and indoor navigation includes details like room numbers, stairs, restrooms, emergency exits, accessibility routes — even your section and seat number at a concert venue or arena. Concept3D’s wayfinding features empower visitors to find an intuitive path for themselves through 3D indoor mapping and navigation.

Sample Map

Your Digital Wayfinding Software

Concept3D’s wayfinding system is defined by its flexibility. Choose from two core options depending on specific business needs; wayfinding within our 3D mapping platform or via our Wayfinding API.

Wayfinding through our platform is best for organizations that need an out-of-the-box turnkey wayfinding solution. If your navigation needs tend towards visitor experience including accessibility maps, custom public turn by turn directions for indoor navigation, or is mobile-centric then the platform is most likely the direction your company will want to go. If you need a complete customizable wayfinding and navigation solution then our Wayfinding API is the way to go.

The Wayfinding API is best for advanced customization. Some examples: 

A warehouse that needs indoor navigation not just on the x and y-axes but z-axis to include the racks and shelves that integrates with indoor positioning for route optimization

Turn by turn driving directions based on parking lot occupancy, guiding a visitor from their door to an open parking spot

Navigation layered over an indoor map within a native mobile app

While all these wayfinding solutions can be accomplished from within the Concept3D platform the Wayfinding API allows for third-party integration if the core of your solution is integration then the Wayfinding API is the way to go.

Is your organization short on development resources but still in search of robust wayfinding and navigation then the Concept3D platform with our one-to-one assistance and consulting will deliver a great experience for your guests leveraging the same proven platform.

Indoor navigation mobile

Concept3D’s digital wayfinding features that eliminate “navigation frustration” include:

  • Drag-and-drop pins that let visitors customize routes and their experience through a simple user interface
  • Maps and guidance for walking and driving directions
  • Print-friendly customized indoor maps for printing in advance of a visit
  • Point-to-point directions sent in a text message or email, within mobile apps, through digital signage
  • Seamless integration from driving directions, linking from Google Maps to indoor navigation

Case Studies

Mapping The Largest Public University in America: Arizona State University

State colleges and universities tend to have one problem in common: how to make navigating a sprawling campus simple.

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Shell Point Retirement Community

Shell Point Retirement Community taps the Concept3D platform to improve the resident and guest experience with interactive media, 3D models, wayfinding and virtual tours.

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Tucson Convention Center

The Concept3D Virtual Tour Builder and Wayfinding tool make it easy to curate and share a customized experience that highlights the best of your location and creates lead generation opportunities. Using virtual campus map Tucson Convention Center(TCC) made their center more accessible to potential events being hosted at their facility. By integrating interactive virtual tours into your virtual map, TCC made their map more available to their potential events and visitors. 

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