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With live data integration, Concept3D data mapping software adds real-time data to your map to transform it into a dynamic repository of actionable information.


data mapping software visualization

Combine 3D models, mapping, and real-time video with sensor data to truly unlock the potential of your IoT implementation

  • Trigger actions by embedding apps into an interactive map and setting alert parameters
  • Keeping riders happy by allowing the up-to-the-second status of bus, car or other types of transportation using an interactive app
  • Enable automation for industrial enterprises
IoT Data Visualization

Optimize asset management

  • Improving warehouses space utilization and inventory logistics by directing workers precisely to what they are looking for, guided by a custom map through our Map API
  • Knowing whether semi trucks are on schedule, to meet expectations and minimize loss of perishable goods
  • Mapping out the fastest route and avoid people with our route optimization API 

Data feeds connect virtual and reality, making the user experience more meaningful and complete.

Monitor your space in real-time. Grant visitors unprecedented access to wayfinding features and content that elevates their experience. Live data integration, including ArcGIS data and maps, gives your audience what they need to know.

Live Data Integration

In the Age of AR/VR

Information comes from everywhere now — our phones, our cars, even our factories. Concept3D can show you how to build an interactive map, bring data together, and understand how it all fits together. Using layers of information on maps and in an interactive virtual tour, you’ll be able to see the complete story — how things interact and what a better way would be.

Seeing is Believing

See our technology come together in one seamless experience.

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