The Possibilities Are Limitless

Interactive virtual experiences ignite unprecedented synergy between people and brands. Imagine using virtual tour software to effectively communicate key messages, enabling someone to stand on your grounds, walk through buildings, and absorb the ambiance of the environment nearly as fully as actually being there. Recreate core on-the job experiences for their first day of work, or remotely see and understand every asset in the field – the possibilities are limitless.

Interactive Virtual Experiences

Next-Gen Custom Mapping Platform

Concept3D is bringing practical application to what has been, until now, an activity primarily for gamers. Real-world examples of how our customers are using interactive 3D mapping and VR experiences include:

  • Enabling employee candidates to experience the company culture and office amenities before they are flown in for the first interview
  • Checking that inventory is being handled and stored correctly without physically being in the warehouse
  • Identifying design flaws or safety issues in new manufacturing processes before a production line is built
  • Monitoring everything from pressure gauges to the condition of assets at a remote production site to eliminate unnecessary maintenance/repair trips
Interactive Virtual Experiences

Optimize Marketing ROI and the Customer Experience

The features built into the Concept3D software give marketing teams new opportunities for connecting with customers and elevating the customer experience. Interactive hotspots, live data feeds and “aha moment” contact points support your efforts to build relationships, while using in-context content to relay information they care about.

  • Create another marketing channel that combines the visual advantages of Instagram with the depth and detail of a white paper
  • Use interactive maps or tours as sales material with greater impact than static presentations
  • Develop additional and flexible marketing assets
  • Evaluate guest and visitor experiences, whether the first or the 50th time, with wayfinding and campus information
Interactive Virtual Experiences

What is Virtual Reality (VR) ?

There are dozens of definitions, but at its core Virtual Reality is using software to create an experience. VR software effects range from simple 360-degree photos to complete synthetic environments manipulated within the software. Users can engage with a VR experience by wearing a headset that visually places them in a virtual space, or within a CAVE (a computer-assisted virtual environment made up of multiple surrounding displays), or just by looking on their mobile device or desktop.

Case Studies

Shell Point Retirement Community

Shell Point Retirement Community taps the Concept3D platform to improve the resident and guest experience with interactive media, 3D models, wayfinding and virtual tours.

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Tucson Convention Center

The Concept3D Virtual Tour Builder and Wayfinding tool make it easy to curate and share a customized experience that highlights the best of your location and creates lead generation opportunities. Using virtual campus map Tucson Convention Center(TCC) made their center more accessible to potential events being hosted at their facility. By integrating interactive virtual tours into your virtual map, TCC made their map more available to their potential events and visitors. 

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Southern Hospitality: University of Mississippi

1 million+ map views later, see the benefit that Ole Miss finds in Concept3D.  

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